Friday, July 5, 2013

Sewing Machine Cover

I have a buncha bunch fabric that I picked up for free or very little.  I wanted to make a cover for my sewing machine but am a VERY NEW sewer.  So here's what I did...

Fabric ... free
Sewing Machine & Thread ... on hand

I got the fabric free. It was being thrown away at the end of a garage sale.

I followed the directions from Sewing Machine Cover.  I had issues with sewing the corners square and sharp. As you will see in the photo.


It's not perfect.  I didn't press or hem it, and should have used a heavier fabric but...I love it! Considering it's my first ever sewn from scratch project I'm happy with it.  Not only did I use up some of my fabric but my sewing machine won't get dusty anymore :)

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