Friday, July 5, 2013

Scarf Organizer from Hanger & Shower Curtain Rings

I needed to organize my walk-in closet and after spending an ungodly amount of time on Pinterest, decided on this very simple project which reduced the space where my scarves hang.

Plastic hanger ... on hand
Shower curtain rings ... on hand
Duct tape ... on hand

Everything can be got at a dollar store or Wal-Mart. It would have cost about $3.

I followed the directions I found here at Inexpensive Scarves Holder. It was really easy, fast and came out adorable thanks to the pink Hello Kitty tape I used.

Here's the end result without scarves.

Here's the end result with scarves, gloves etc.
And I have plenty of room for more stuff!
Good luck on your own endeavors!

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