Monday, September 23, 2013

Binder for Craft Material Storage

This is an easy peasy project that's also pretty and useful!


Contact paper ... already had ($1 at Dollar Tree)
awesome zebra striped Duck Tape ... $2 clearance at Wal-Mart
1 gallon plastic freezer bags with slider lock ... $2.50/25 bags. I used 10 so the rest went to the kitchen.
Scissors ... on hand
Hole punch ... on hand

I found these ideas at Contact Paper Covered Binder  and Plastic Baggies in Binder.

Here's what I did:
  1. Measure front of binder.
  2. Add 1 inch to height and 1/2 inch to width.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of contact paper to these measurements.
  4. Place  contact paper on front of binder flush to the left side. Make sure you have 1/2 inch on the top, bottom and right to wrap around the edges.
  5.  Remove backing and smooth paper on, wrapping on 3 sides. Cut corners so lies flat.
  6. Repeat on back and edge. I used 3 separate pieces so the paper doesn't hinder opening and closing the binder. It makes it look a lot neater also.
  7. Apply duct tape to one edge of baggie - not the top or bottom. I used one long piece and wrapped it around the bottom and up the back.
  8. Punch holes.  This might be difficult since you're cutting through 2 layers of tape and 2 of plastic. I had to use scissors in addition to the hole punch. I initially put the tape half on and half off the baggie then punched through the tape only. It was a lot easier but the bags stuck out of the binder which I didn't like.


I love the binder so much, I made a second one. They hold my stencils, stickers, trim, fabric patches, etc etc.

Good luck on your projects!

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