Saturday, September 21, 2013

Closet Dividers from Old CDs

I'm hardly what you'd call ultra organized but I do hoard stuff I hate to send to the old CDs. When trying to get rid of them I saw this idea and loved it.

CDs ... free, part of my Crafts Stash I'm trying to get rid of. Yay!
Contact Paper ... $1.00 from Dollar Tree. I had plenty left over for another project.
Kitchen Shears ... on hand
Heat Gun or Hair Dryer ... on hand


I followed the directions from SweetCheeks Closet Dividers.  It's HARD to cut up CDs. Even with kitchen shears. It wasn't until I broke out the heat gun that I could cut them without destroying my hands. Some CDs were impossible to cut without cracking so I'd recommend having more than necessary.

There are lots of ways to cover the CDs but contact paper is soooo easy & looks awesome. As you'll see from the photos below I can barely hang my clothes up, let alone spend hours decoupaging closet dividers.

I didn't label the dividers since I didn't want to ruin their beauteous-ness (can you tell I'm ridiculously proud of these?).

Here they are newly created:

And in their new habitat:

I'm happy, what do you think?


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