Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frame & Lace Jewelry Organizer

I got the idea for this all on my lonesome. Then I looked on Instructables and Pinterest and saw hundreds of similar ideas. So I'm not as brilliant as I'd like.


Frame ... free
Lace shirt ... free
White glue ... $1
Small hooks ... $3
The frame & lace I got free from neighbor who moved. Glue came from Dollar Tree. Hooks came from Home Depot in a little pack

  1. Drilled small holes into the frame then screwed in the hooks. I used a drill and later added more holes with a Dremel when I realized I didn't have anywhere enough for the amount of jewelry I wanted to hang. It was much harder to screw the hooks into the Dremel holes because they weren't as deep. Would not recommend. I eyeballed the spacing of the holes but measuring would be even better :)
  2. Cut the lace shirt larger than the frame.
  3. Glued the lace on with Elmer's glue. Why, you ask, did I not use a glue gun? Because I did not think of it until this very moment. Sigh. It would have been a lot easier. The Elmer's took forever to dry and I had to use thumb tacks to keep the lace in place until it did.
  4. Cut the lace so it fits within the frame.  I didn't cut to fit initially because I had to re-stretch the lace as I went to keep it taut enough to hang the earrings.
  5. Hung necklaces and hooked earrings into the lace.


The lace shirt I used had many seams so my jewelry holder has one. I'd like to say I made a thoughtful decision to use the lace despite the seam but actually I started cutting before I realized the issue and the frame is so large I didn't have enough lace to re-cut. On the plus side I love the pattern of the lace this way.

The black lace with good thread looks fantastic against my tan wall but the jewelry doesn't stand out. I arranged the necklaces by color but will have to rearrange them so the silver and lighter colors ones are against the black.

Overall I'm really happy with the results. I love being able to view everything without opening drawers etc.  It's also great to have coordinating earrings next to their necklaces.

Good luck!

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